Voorjaarsstage AikidoKids 10 maart 2013

Every time more kids, more energy.
What remarkable today was that most of the children came for the second hour - the seminar started a bit late because I expected more on the first hour (from their age), but they showed up half an hour later, before the official starting time of the second session, means, they were ready for serious work! It makes sense around this time of the year and I have been feeling it during weekly lessons, so I just stayed on technical works and they did very very well.
Having fun is an essence for children's class but how to form a good basis (physically AND mentally) for the future development is another core theme as an Aikido teacher. I hope I could give a bit of what I wished to give them and hope that they continue Aikido till the day when they find pleasure in itself. I would also like to thank all the parents who made effort to bring their children to the seminar, to watch us patiently and to laugh with us.  

photo: Kimiko Ayanokoji

AN day at the new Aikido dojo in National Sport Center Papendal

The seminar conducted by Kobayashi Yukimitsu shihan (7th dan) took place on 23 February in the new Aikido dojo in the National Sport Center Papendal. 80 participants from different federations enjoyed the training under the hombu shihan's guidance. 

photo: Wouter van Straalen