Aikido Jeugdstage in Krommenie 10 November

Since 3 years working together with Budoclub Krommenie, this seasonal youth seminar has been getting more and more enthusiastic kids/ youth members. It is also my pleasure to see the happy faces again in this well organized regional dojo. The seminar is for all level, so dont hesitate to join us ..!

Rings Budo Gala 9 November in Amstelveen

I take part of DAF demonstration team - will be a long, exciting evening with other martial art professionals/ ring fighters.
Let's win the prize!

Aikido op IJburg - film on IJburg TV

"gebruik de energie van je tegenstander"
click here to watch film: Aikido op IJburg
In het Centrum voor Vrije Tijd aan het Ed Pelsterpark is sinds kort een Aikidoschool voor kinderen gevestigd. Aikido is een Japanse krijgssport, gericht op het ontwikkelen van je eigen lichaam en geest. Het gaat er bij Aikido niet om of je sterker of beter bent dan anderen, er zijn dan ook geen wedstrijden.
Door Aikido leren kinderen de regels en manieren van de dojo kennen: respect naar elkaar; een oprechte en positieve houding ten opzichte van leren en oefenen in het algemeen; enthousiasme en moed om nieuwe stappen te maken en geduld en doorzettingsvermogen om een doel te bereiken. Verslaggever Robert Boerleider en cameravrouw Eva Willemier Westra namen een kijkje.

Vrouwenles - we started!

The first lady's day started this morning (3 October) with 4 enthusiastic women + me as the instructor. We worked hard in soft forms, in order to maximize our inner strength. I pay my deep respect to these women, who dare to face who you are and make sincere effort towards the next step. Thank you very much for joining me.

Bastanieuws: Aikido

One of my kids group was filmed by AT 5. Aikido is cool!

Vrouwenles/ lady's hour

I am starting a special training hour for female members, Thursday 10 - 11 am at Veemarkt. For more information or registration, mail me NOW

Shodan preparation for the new season

The first shodan preparation seminar of this season took place on 31 August.
From this season, I am appointed as the instructor team of DAF, together with Wilko Vriesman.
This special training takes place 1st Saturday of each month, the schedule and more information are on the DAF site.

Open dag Aikido Kids 3

Building up the new group ... monday kids group is growing :-)

Open dag Aikido Kids 2

Look at the below photo - the dojo Geleenstraat is still under renovation, but hey, as long as mats are available, we do want to train!
Our hakama did a good sweep on mats so they became clean, who cares...

Open dag Aikido Kids 1

Following the monday group yesterday, we had another open day at the dojo Geleenstraat (Amsterdam Zuid). Though the dojo was still in the middle of renovation, we have decided to make space for the new young kids group, 4 - 6 years old: promised is promised...!

It turned out to be a wonderful afternoon with happy kids - we have received the below foto from one of the mothers, thank you too!

New season 2013 - 2014/ open days

Dojo Veemarkt and Geleenstraat starts normal training schedule from Manday 19.
From Manday 19 - Thursday 29, all the lessons for children and youth are open to everybody. Kids are free to bring all the friends, brothers and sisters ...!

AikidoKids open day, August 2013        

Vriesman dojo, Veemarkt 151
Monday 19 & 26 August
16.00 - 16.45: 4 - 6 years old
16.30 - 17.30: 7 - 12 years old                        

Aikido Centrum Amsterdam, Geleenstraat 34
Tuesday 20 & Thursday 29
17.00 - 17.45: 4 - 6 years old
Thursday 22 & Tuesday 27
17.00 - 18.00: 7 - 12 years old

Examen zomer 2013 - AikidoKids groep Veemarkt

It was again a good day for all of us. I am very proud of the result of the whole year.
Well done kids and myself...!

AN kinder en jeugdag 29 juni 2013

It was the first Kinder / jeugd dag organised by Aikido Nederland.
About 50 enthusiastic youth members trained together for the whole afternoon.
I took the first part of the training, it was very much fun to work with them, well done!

Examen zomer 2013 - AikidoKids groep Zuid (dinsdag en donderdag) part I

I am very proud of what I have been investing into during the season. Many of
them are going to regular classes after summer holidays.

Cherry Blossom Festival in Amstelveen

We waited for this occasion for 2 years. Our children's Aikido group gave a demonstration in the presense of the Mayor of Amstelveen, J H C van Zanen and the Japanese Ambassador to the Netherlands, Mr Nagamine. Young energy won over the cold spring, well-done everybody!

I love my kids group(s) and the ones on the mats today are the best among them . 

Together with the Japanese Ambassador and the Mayor of Amstelveen.
The Mayor asked if I have cold feet - now yes, though I never felt it on the mats...!

Voorjaarsstage AikidoKids 10 maart 2013

Every time more kids, more energy.
What remarkable today was that most of the children came for the second hour - the seminar started a bit late because I expected more on the first hour (from their age), but they showed up half an hour later, before the official starting time of the second session, means, they were ready for serious work! It makes sense around this time of the year and I have been feeling it during weekly lessons, so I just stayed on technical works and they did very very well.
Having fun is an essence for children's class but how to form a good basis (physically AND mentally) for the future development is another core theme as an Aikido teacher. I hope I could give a bit of what I wished to give them and hope that they continue Aikido till the day when they find pleasure in itself. I would also like to thank all the parents who made effort to bring their children to the seminar, to watch us patiently and to laugh with us.  

photo: Kimiko Ayanokoji

AN day at the new Aikido dojo in National Sport Center Papendal

The seminar conducted by Kobayashi Yukimitsu shihan (7th dan) took place on 23 February in the new Aikido dojo in the National Sport Center Papendal. 80 participants from different federations enjoyed the training under the hombu shihan's guidance. 

photo: Wouter van Straalen

Aikido Kids Veemarkt photo album X-mas 2012

This is the photos from monday kids class. We had demonstrations and a little party to celebrate the end of the season + progress of all kids.

More photos, please see:
Photo album Veemarkt X-mas 2012

On the same day, Mika, the senior student from my children groups, passed his 6th kyu exam. He has been training in a regular class since September and was rewarded with the first regular kyu grade. Congraturations!

Happy New Year 2013

This is my former student who went back to Japan last year. I was very happy to see him growing, proud that he continue Aikido at a local dojo neary his house.

We wish you all very happy new year.
We hope to meet many more passionate people in our dojos.