Aikido Kids X-mas demo 2013

It was another good year for our kids group, happy x mas!

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Aikido Seminar for youth and children

2nd youth seminar at Budo Club Krommenie. Fantastic kids, well done!
Pleasure to work with them. Thank you Nico. 

Youth seminar 25 November 2012, Budoclub Krommnie, Photo: Jan Thesing

Kinder Parade: Dutch Olympic Commitee 400 years anniversary

The event took place last weekend, 3 November. It took us sometime to sort out photos but it is there.
There were of course all sorts of sports, which you could try out. My 3 years old daughter Zoe joined Kendo session with her friend Sasa (4 years old). She said later that "Aikido was the best" ... !
I did gave a children's seminar with Piet Laagwaard (AFN). 

Congress Ki 2

The congress: use of Ki in sport 2, 9 November in Papendaal

I was one of the speakers, titel: Ki in Budo Education in Japan
Since this year, 2012, Aikido also became one of the budo items which could be taught in Japanese junior high schools. This plan will continue at least next 10 years. In order to spread the principle of Aikido, we work hard in different settings.

Satomi Ishikawa, Ki in Budo Education in Japan
Wilko Vriesman, Conditions for K
Peter den Dekker, The Dynamics of Standing Still

Aikido Kids on the Amstelveens Nieuwsblad

An article about Aikido Kids has been published on the local newspaper of the city Amstelveen.
We are famous :-)

The 11th IAF Congress successfully over

The 11th International Aikido Federation Congress (17 - 24 Sep. 2012) has been successfully over. 
Satomi Ishikawa particiapted in the event as an official congress translator.

From right, Kaori Tachibana (translator), Satomi Ishikawa and Michiko Karasawa (NHK announcer)

Aikido Kids Open days 3 - 6 September

During this week, all the kids classes are open to public. Everybody is welcome to try out Aikido!

Aikikai Utrecht - new start as SSV

After 2 years aspirant status, Aikikai Utrecht is successfully merged into Sakura-kai (Kendo/ Naginata vereniging), re-starting as SSV from Septermber 2012.

5 September is Open day, everybody is welcome between 19 - 21 at Hal 1 deel A.