DAF regular seminars starts this weekend (3/4 Septemer)

The regular seminars operated by the Dutch Aikkai Foundation are starting this weekend.

Saturday 3 Septemer: higher kyugrade seminar and Shodan preparation
in Aikido Nederland Dojo in Papendal

Sunday 4 Septmber: Dan-grade seminar
in Veemarkt 151, Amsterdam

These are the monthly technical seminars operated and supported by the Dutch Aikikai Foundation.

New Aikido season starts soon!

The new Aikido season starts on Monday 29 August 2016.
The regular trainings start at our 2 main locations, the dojo Veemarkt and Geleenstraat.

Satelite dojos in de Pijp, IJburg and Noord (new location!) start a week later, on Monday  5 September.

The lessons Aikido Kids start also on Monday 5 Septermber.

If you are new to our dojos, clik this map, all the 5 locations are found here.

You are able to follow a lesson 7 days a week.

Please feel free to drop by, you are very welcome.

Satomi and Wilko
Vriesman Dojo - Aikido Centrum Amsterdam

Summer school and summer schedule 2016

From Sat. 16 till Sun. 24 July our dojo is closed due to the summer school.
From Mon. 25 July till Sun. 28 August we have a summer schedule: Monday, Thursday and Friday, 19: 30 - 21:00 at the dojo Veemarkt.

On Monday 29 August the new season 2016 - 2017 starts.

Seminar Kobayashi shihan in Papendal

*no regular lesson on the Saturday morning in Veemarkt.

Winter School and the Xmas holidays

From 23rd till 26th is the dojo closed for the Xmas holidays.
Our dojo is open again on 27th for the Winter School.

Wish you all happy Christmas, see you in the Winter School.

Wilko and Satomi
Vriesman Dojo